We’ve got a 4-week program designed to keep you moving,

to deepen your practice,

to help you blossom.

With 20 Live-streamed classes each week to connect you to your community, and a variety of offerings to round out your practice, the Spirit of Spring will carry you through this season.

The four foundational movements of Yoga will be examined and woven into the week’s practice.

Week 1 – Forward Folding “Effort”

Week 2 – Twisting “Expansion”

Week 3  -Back Bending “Surrender”

Week 4 – Side Bending “Inviting”

You’ll explore the mechanisms and the meaning of these movements in creative ways through all classes;





Rise n’ Flow


Shake it off

Suitable for all ages, and all abilities.

We’ve kept the pricing friendly at just $20 per week for unlimited access, and as always finances aren’t roadblock so get in touch if you need to.

We’re starting some days with a 7 am 20-minute Rise n’ Flow, and we’ve got a family friendly 10-minute mini meditation at 7:30 pm to stream some peace into your home.

Friday mornings have you shaking off the week at 7am, and everyday there’s a range of earlier and later class options; signature Flow, delicious Yin and endorphin-making Sculpt, as well as express Callanetics


We’ve got some truly beautiful workshop offerings coming up, with discounted prices for our Spirit of Spring members.

If you’re already signed up with us online, you don’t need to do a thing. If you’d like to join us add the livestream membership in Mind Body.

It’s not the Spring any of us planned for, but we must grow where we are planted.

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