Sun, 19 Sept | Ocean Grove

Community Ice Baths

Get cold and conscious as we dive into the Ice Baths! Hosted by the legend Connect deeper to your body, challenge your mind and feel invigorated during this epic [and chilly!] event.
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Community Ice Baths

Time & Location

19 Sept, 12:00 pm – 2:00 pm
Ocean Grove, 41 Smithton Grove, Ocean Grove VIC 3226, Australia

About the Event

We get it… From ice baths to meditation, it can all seem a bit extreme and ‘out there’. In the past it would have been reserved for either daredevils or hippies.

But now, the science is in. Things like breathwork and mindfulness, or even simply feeling emotions such as gratitude for 5 mins are proving to have a massive effect on our physical and mental health.

Cold + Conscious is a place where you can experience all of this, no matter who you are.

We wanted people to feel comfortable enough to try something very uncomfortable, and we wanted them to be able to do it as consistently as they would a yoga or fitness class. These tools helped us dramatically improve our lifestyles, and so we wanted to share them in a way that was accessible to the average person.

The reason most people keep doing ice baths is simple. They feel amazing afterwards.

Now, the science is starting to help us understand why... It’s really good for you!

Cold + Conscious takes a holistic approach to wellness. Meaning we don’t think ice baths are the magic pill that will solve all of your problems. Sorry. That doesn’t exist. Instead, we believe that health and fulfilment comes when you address all areas of your life. That’s why we incorporate mindfulness and breathwork, among other things.

It’s the combination that gives you real results!

Below, we’ve made a list of some of the potential benefits you might experience at Cold + Conscious.

Cold Therapy

-Boost Immune system -Reduce stress levels -Rapid fat loss -Enhance performance -Improve cardiovascular health -Mood regulation -Improve metabolism -Relieve symptoms of anxiety and depression -More focus and mental clarity -Increase testosterone


-Manage stress -Reduce symptoms of anxiety, depression and negative emotions -Enhance self-awareness -Improve cognition -Increase imagination and creativity -Help fight addiction -Improve sleep -Decrease blood pressure -Increase pain tolerance


-Stimulates heart to brain axis -Improve heart rate variability -Lowers stress -Relaxes nervous system -Decrease cortisol -Increase DHEA -Improve recovery post workout -Better emotional regulation -Gut friendly


-Tap into your autonomic nervous system -Regulate stress levels -Better pain tolerance -Better physical performance -Increase ATP and adrenaline -More energy -Better sleep -Improve gut health by stimulating vagus nerve -Improve emotional resilience

Please keep in mind none of this is medical advice. We share knowledge in order to educate, and we provide a service that gives people their own experience in a safe environment. For qualified medical advice please consult a medical professional

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