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Ida and Pingala

This week we explore the other two central Nadi's; Ida and Pingala. Highways for your Yin and Yang energy. The way to take things in, the way you give things out. The solar, emissive, masculine energy imprint, and the lunar, receptive, feminine imprint. We are discovering where they kink up, where they flow, and what they are telling us. Yoga is a practice of dropping into dialogue with your body. A tremendous amount of wisdom will be told to you from your physical body in a class if you know how to listen. And this week we learn how to listen. Yoga is sequenced left to right to offer up the benefit of comparison. How does your left side move compared to your right side? Where do you hold your armour? Where are you free? When we are present and connected enough our practice becomes an intel gathering exercise as we learn where we store what we store in our bodies. Once we've mapped it, we can release it. Recalibrate. Exploration into Ida and Pingala teaches us about our energetic blueprint and how to balance it. Expect to discover unexpected things about who you are this week, and to connect to yourself in a more complete way.

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