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Pure Crystal Quartz Sound Baths

Updated: Feb 10, 2020

The haunting sounds of the singing bowls awakens an ancient remembering in us.

The tones produced by the bowls are heard by the ears and felt by the entire body.

Quartz oscillates at an extremely high frequency, amplifying and transmitting tone and energy.

This is why pure quartz crystal is utilised in the world's most advanced communication systems.

Similar to a powerful radio transmitter, the crystal bowls transmit potent vibrational energy.

They affect brain wave activity and support altered states of consciousness.

Deepened brain waves catalyzes a healing response in the body, releasing hormones and neuro-transmitters that suppress pain, promote relaxation, and foster creativity.

At Zero Point we use bowls made of 99.9999% pure crushed quartz that has been heated to around 4000 degrees celsius.

The process ensures quality, integrity, and a reverberance standard that cannot be found in other types of singing bowls.

Most of us have very limited pure clear healing sounds in our daily life.

We no longer are continually exposed to running streams, bird songs or rustling leaves.

The pure sonic waves that ring from the quartz bowls reawaken a sacred place in us.

As we lie immersed in the vibration of the bowls we ride the waves of the soul.

Sound baths are included in all membership types at Zero Point, and part of the weekly schedule.

The collective offering of classes is designed so you can flow, sweat, grow, unravel & rebuild, then heal even harder 🙏🏼

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