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This week we are delving deep into the inevitable discomfort that accompanies a consistent yoga practice.

It's been part full moon, and part a commitment to your practice, that has seen so many of you triggered and discombobulated this week.

Rest assured it's all normal, good in fact.

Purification of the body, the mind, the energy systems and the habits you hold is a part of the yoga journey.

It can show up physically as digestive discomfort, sore throat, swollen glands, skin breakouts, muscle aches and more.

It definitely shows up emotionally as tears after backbends, feeling vulnerable in groin openers, anger rising up in our fire poses and fight or flight impulses.

Our subconscious tries to project it out onto "this stupid pose" or "this annoying teacher" or "that person next to me breathing too loud" but at the end of the day it's yours to own and work through.

Sometimes we breathe it out and leave it on the mat, sometimes we take it home and project it onto our loved ones.

The analogy we are using this week is that of clearing out the junk drawer in your house. It all has to get a little messier before it gets better.

When you feel yourself coming apart from yoga see the drawer getting emptied, and know that it all goes in much more neatly.

Our very best advice to you is; let it out.

Part of our job as yoga teachers is to hold space for these processes before and after class.

Our job becomes even more important off the mat. Stay behind and unload, pour it out into a facebook message, let us hold you in a teary hug.

The only way out is through.

And we are championing your journey to the other side.

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