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Shining Light of Awareness

Our students, true to form, dive earnestly into unpacking who they are.

Yoga rests upon the concept that inside all of us is a drop of the same pure awareness. The witness, the shining light.

We encase it in different bodies, and we scaffold around it with our personalities, our wounds, our conditioning. Clouding the lens. Our bodies are our subconscious minds; home to all the unprocessed emotions, traumas, experiences we didn’t have time and space for. Each time something happened that moved us away from this light, we shoved the experience down in the body somewhere. Sometimes around the hips, in the groin, the heart, the lower back.

Stretching & opening them out is an invitation to release what they hold. Each exhale releases more than air, as we inch ever closer to that shining light of awareness inside us all. And we breathe out the parts of our past our body is ready to let go of.

It’s big work. Important work.

We see this place of light in all of you, and deeply honour the work you do on the mat to get back to it.

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