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The Energy-Verse

Roughly 4% of the universe is made of matter. Almost all matter (99.9999999% of it) is empty space.

If you took out all of the space out of the atoms that make us, the entire human race (all 7 billion of us) would fit into the volume of a sugar cube. And not only are we mostly space, we are eternal. The atoms you're made of (that form everything from the iron in your blood to the calcium in your bones), were created in the heart of an exploding star, billions of years ago.

Almost all of your hydrogen atoms were made in the Big Bang.

We actually see things happen before we perceive them, so we see the future all the time.

Light from some stars takes so long to travel to our eyes that by the time you see a star, you are, in fact, seeing the past.

The actual matter that makes me is less than 1/millionth of a grain of sand. Imperceptible to all of our senses.

That tiny speck of matter is just vibrating so fast you can see the spaces. I ‘m like a hologram flickering in front of you, but our range of vision, the speed at which we can see things, our flicker frequency, isn’t fast enough to capture it, so I seem solid.

Think of it like a fan. When it’s stopped you see the empty space, you can even put your hand through, but when it’s spinning, you can no longer touch or see that empty space.

We are all teeny tiny dots of matter, spinning madly.

You’ve never really touched anything in your life. You might think right now your fingers are touching your phone, but they aren’t, they are hovering near it.

You might think your feet are touching the ground, but they aren’t, they are hovering near it.

You’ve never touched another person in your life. You’ve bumped into their electromagnetic field.

There’s so much more here than what our senses show us.

We are beings of energy, in a system of energy, and we are inextricably interconnected, with each other, with the past and future.

We bump into countless thought forms and energies all day every day. We are governed by energy we cannot see or touch.

Your body is your navigational tool for this energy-verse. This spinning speck of matter endowed with feeling and perception, and intuition.

Trust that lump you get in your throat, trust that tension in your jaw, the clenching in your gut, that flutter in your heart.

Trust the vibe you get off people and places, not the words not how things look.

Trust the energy you feel pulled towards and the energy you feel repelled from.

If you listen, your body, it’s always communicating with you.

Trust less your mind.

Our minds are essentially computer programs.

90% of your mind, the subconscious, is developed and set early in childhood, and once we’ve established our, or our parent’s ideas, about love, money, food, pleasure, our bodies, our worth, the program locks in, slips into the subconscious and takes over without us knowing.

We have around 70,000 thoughts per day, which is almost 50 thoughts per minute. But 95% of our thoughts are the same as yesterday.

We’re stuck on a loop.

On autopilot.

Or as some call it the matrix.

Don’t believe your mind so much, it’s just telling you the same story so it seems true.

We need to reunite body and mind.

To acknowledge the energetic universe.

Understand that this tiny bit of vibrating matter, that we identify as ourselves, is but a hologram, a beautiful one, flickering in a universe of energy, of frequency, of vibration.

Once we get this, we make the a profound acknowledgement of who we are. Then it all becomes easy.

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