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The Warriors

The story of Virabhadra helps us work towards meeting our inner warriors. In this dramatic tale, Shiva (the higher self) sacrifices King Daksha (the ego) for the sake of Sati (the heart). The story represents the battle we meet on our mat, the parts of our ego we are shedding, and the way our inner warrior fights for us. It reminds us not to bypass our shadow self.

The Warrior sequence we flow through is a purifying sequence, designed to build the Agni (internal fire) in us and cleanse us of the parts of the ego we've outgrown.

In the studio we have seen the battle of Virabhadra play out on the mat, we have felt the fire of purification sweep through the class, we've had tears and sweat and triumph. Here we have seen the mightiest warriors come to conquer the self.

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