Yoga. Tantra. Love.


Senior Yoga Teacher

1500 hours + Anusara and Tantra trained teacher.

There's an intelligence to Bec's teaching that's hard to find elsewhere. Teachings from the heart, to train your mind, and reconnect you to your body.

You'll immediately feel the depth and breadth of Bec's training, which is made up of equal parts University and Ashram life.

With thousands of devoted students spanning the globe, Bec hooks people into yoga, and back into themselves, through her unique intricate teaching style.

Expect to grow enormously under her guidance.


Senior Teacher

There's a kind of celestial beauty to Sarah. She has the voice of an angel, and warmth of a thousand hugs. Sarah is trained in Hatha, Vinyasa, Tantra, Yin, Restorative and Prenatal Yoga, and Qi Gong and Tai Chi. She loves guiding dynamic and challenging vinyasa yoga practices as much as she loves unfolding you into peaceful, nourishing yin and restorative practices.

Sarah will teach you in a way that encourages you to find inner-silence, gratitude and loving awareness on and off the yoga mat. As well as her impressive yoga credentials, Sarah is a Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage trainer and a Shamballa Reiki Master Teacher.
You'll feel at ease, seen, and warmly nurtured by Sarah.
Sarah is exactly what we all need in our lives 🙏🏼


Senior Teacher 

You've never met anyone like Hang. Quirky, supremely intelligent, brimming with kindness, Hang's self-declared mission in life is "to be happy and to sprinkle the good stuff wherever she goes".
Trained in Anusara, Tantra, Vinyasa, Hatha, Ashtanga, Sivananda, Yin, Restorative and Prenatal Yoga, she's a formidable force in the yoga world. With backgrounds in fitness, Pilates, and mixed martial arts, Hang is also a Shamballa Reiki Master Teacher, as well as a Qi Gong and Yang Tai Chi enthusiast, which are all encompassed by her lifelong journey in the art of mindful living.
Her yoga style of teaching is a fusion of many forms, inspired from her personal journey of practicing various styles of yoga. You'll find yourself sweating, laughing and learning in Hang's classes as she guides you into good alignment, stability, and breath to help connect you to the highest form of mindfulness. Hang often reminds students that, “There’s no way to happiness. Happiness is the way.”
Your life will be more wonderful with Hang - guaranteed 🙏🏼


Yoga Teacher

Sabrina's classes weave a magical combination of strength, power, flow and philosophy. 
Her warmth will engulf you the moment you walk into the studio -she's one of those teachers who embodies it all on and off the mat. 
Trained in flow yoga and a master of sequencing, Sabrina has a unique knack for leading you through a twisting turning journey on the mat and making it feel effortless. 
A true Yogi who lives and breathes the entire system, Sabrina is a warm hug, a philosopher and a talented somatic coach all in one. 


Open heart

Yoga is taught from the heart. 

It is learned by the mind, and experienced by the body, and done for the soul. 

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