"Bec is the greatest yoga teacher I’ve ever had.

It’s hard to put her energy into words. She’s one of those people you are blessed to come across in life that are truly wonderful on all fronts.

Her clear instruction is an added bonus.

The energy of the space when she’s in it is so peaceful & non judgmental.

I feel I’m dancing like no one is watching "🥰

HEIDI, July 2019

"A beautiful energy and environment created by Bec and the team.

Loving the yoga and sound baths especially"

NICOLE, August 2019

"Zero Point is a very special studio, the space is warm and inviting.

Bec and Gaenor are inspiring, non judgmental, wise and real. I feel so welcome and absolutely LOVE all of the classes I have attended.

The little things set Zero Point apart from the rest.

Big love always"

DALLAS, July 2019

"Great setting, amazing yoga teachers, inclusive environment, suitable for all levels"

CASSIE, May 2019

"Zero point has helped me expand my inner awareness in a space that encourages and fosters enlightenment"

JOHN, December 2019

"Totally recommend, doing this has saved my sanity and helped me with my inner soul. As well as getting stronger physically and emotionally"

BELLE, November 2019

"What can I say! I’ve been attending Zero Point for around 5 months and I cannot recommend this school enough.

So much more than an exercise class, this is an education! Get ready to unlock some deep bound trauma, flow through your chakras and build yogi knowledge through spiritual and mindful practices.

Bec and Gaenor are true legends and have guided myself and many others on a gorgeous journey which is forever growing stronger both on and off the mat.

The practices are progressive and challenge my body, mind and heart.

Thank you angels, this school is enough reason to never ever move away from OG" xxxxxxxxxxx 

VICKI, November 2019

"Thank you for the heart opening and blissful metamorphosis retreat.

Your classes were educational and encouraging. You personalised the class for everyone's needs. There was a beautiful calming energy throughout the retreat, you encouraged us to push over selves in the safe environment which you created and the constant smiles and contagious laughter was so uplifting. Thank you again" xxx

KIRSTY, February 2019

"Zero Point is the best, I tell everyone.

Just renewed my membership for another 6 months cos I can manage without some things in life but not going to this beautiful calm studio to be loved and spoilt in so many ways" 💜🙏

BERNADETTE, November 2019

“I came to drop 5 kgs, I thought the heat and the yoga will melt it off.

That was what I cared about.
Now I find myself literally working on my soul 😂
Your place should come with a warning.
Every class is like a therapy session.

I learn about myself in some unexpected way that changes me.
I had no idea that this is what Yoga is. I honestly just thought I'd stretch myself skinny.
Now I don't even care about the extra weight and it's gone!!
The kg's did melt off, but more importantly, I stopped hating my body and obsessing about it. That's a full 180 for me. The mental space it has freed up is massive, I was a woman possessed by 5kgs!
Now I have more important things to think about like sublimating and enlightenment ;-p
You shared something a while back about exercising to celebrate your body, rather than as a punishment - well I've always exercised my entire life, and right up until now it's been to punish my body.
Because I thought my body wasn't good enough, because I thought I wasn't good enough.
Now I come and do your classes as an act of self love every day.
I've learnt more about who I am in the last few months of Zero Point than the rest of my adult life, and I’m nearly 50.
There are a million things I could say that Zero Point has changed in my life, but the number one is now I like the body I am in, not because it's skinnier, but because I understand everything differently.
As you say at the start of every class, what we do in there is really important.”

ANON, November 2019

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