40 days & 40 nights

We've been gifted 6 weeks.

We can emerge from this any way we choose. 

This offering is for those who choose personal development, spiritual unfolding, and holistic wellbeing bootcamp. This offering is for those ready to level up. 

40 days and 40 nights is a guided program into self discovery where you'll face your shadow, drop bad habits, establish good ones, and to get very aligned, and very clear on who you are. Consisting of daily Yoga, Mediation, Spiritual Tapas, Weekly Psychotherapy and Somatic Therapy Workshops and the collective energy of a likeminded group. 

You'll be provided with email worksheets to accompany workshop topics and to help you reach weekly goals. 

Expect to emerge from this time transformed, clear, accomplished and healed. 

This is a now or never moment. 

With the gift of lockdown, let's journey inwards together and emerge from this time under tension realigned, complete and ready to actively forge a new world for ourselves. 

Led by Bec, you will be guided through this time with equal parts loving compassion, and intelligent discipline. 

This program has been designed for full immersion and requires commitment. It's not for the half-hearted, the mildly curious. It's for those ready to take on their world. If you want a life detox and reset, and you're willing to go through the necessary steps, it's for you. 

Dive deeply into your own psychology, spiritual understanding, and put in the work required to consciously create the rest of your life in 40 days and 40 nights. 

Full Program Cost inclusive of unlimited access to online live stream and on demand yoga for 4 o days and 40 nights


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