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Do I need to be trained in yoga to join this course?

No. There is no prerequisite training for this program. The course will provide a solid foundation in the theory and application of the Yoga Life Science.


Can I take the course to deepen my practice if I don’t plan to teach?

Absolutely! Many Yoga Teacher Training courses are undertaken as a way for a student to deepen their understanding of Yoga. There is no requirement to teach when you graduate.

I have an injury/special condition – can I take this course?

Yes. The course will cover how to adapt teachings to accommodate for injuries and special conditions so that there are no barriers to people being able to participate in a Yoga practice.

Will I be a certified yoga teacher?

Yes. You will be a certified Yoga Teacher through Zero Point Yoga.

There is currently no centralised certification process for Yoga Teachers, certification comes from the school you choose to train with.

There are private registration companies (such as Yoga Australia or Yoga Alliance) which don’t offer certification or quality assurance but do allow courses to be registered with them for a fee.

This course is not registered with any private registration company.

Will I be able to teach after completing Teacher Training?


In this program you will learn how to transmit information in an accessible way that is meaningful for students. A key part of the self-development of this program is your mastery of yourself, and how to expand that command a room.

What style of yoga will I be learning?

This program is built upon a combination of Yoga approaches. You will learn the energy systems and mythology of poses from the Tantric Yoga Tradition, you will learn the anatomical cueing and sequencing from the Anusara and Sivananda Yoga branches.


What happens if I miss a class?

You will be required to make up all missed classes. The course requires commitment and discipline, which is balanced with a compassionate tolerance for the ebb and flow of your life.


Will this training be online or offline?

The training is available in a hybrid of in person and online learning. It would be remiss of any current program to exclude online learning options at this point in time, and as such we’ve dedicated a large portion of learning to online channels. The retreat, graduation ceremony and workshops are in person, however we can also offer an entire online program for those geographically unable to attend in person.


How much time will I need to spend on homework?

The duration of the course is 12 weeks, during which you will be asked to commit approximately ten hours per week to learning and practice.

Are any books and materials included in the price of the trainings?

You will be provided with all materials necessary for the training.

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